Crop Risk

FarmGuide is working upon different macro factors including soil fertility, weather, farm metrics, pest attacks to estimate crop risk and advising farmers for better crop management.
Crop risk calculations would help financial institutions in devising customised crop loan schemes and feasible crop insurance policies.

Seed Input

Our in house remote sensing technology to help seed companies to innovate upon scientific advancements in quality seed production.
FarmGuide processes higher-quality data using remote sensing and machine learning to understand market sizes and affordability for new seed varieties developed.

Machine Input

Agricultural equipment sector in India has been witnessing robust demand and stands to gain maximum due to the need to use technologically advanced equipment in the farms in the future.
Machinery suppliers and banks as major stakeholders in drive towards farm mechanisation, segmentation and farm size distribution across the rural areas is an important parameter in deciding upon penetration level for machine suppliers.


Owing to a favourable changing consumption trend as well as the potential size of the market, rural India provides a large and attractive investment opportunity for private companies.
Digitalised farmlands would bring multiplier effect in increasing movements of goods, services and thereby improve earnings potential of rural areas subsequently improving consumption.

Harvest Buyers

India incurs post-harvest fruits and vegetable losses worth over Rs 2 trillion each year largely owing to the absence of food processing units, modern cold storage facilities & information asymmetry between the farmers and the markets.
Geo positioning and density mapping of harvests would be crucial for infrastructural development and efficient farm to market connections.

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